Yes, you made it

I also made it

Thank God we made it
The fiend got defeated

Because you’re the Lord’s chosen

He kept you, including your niece and cousin
2017, the year for your unveiling 

Like the eagle, it has landed

Uprooting all the bad 2016 had planted
The road to success got opened

Put aside the ills that have happened 

And believe in your tomorrow 
Go on, take a flight 

Like the eagle, you can fly

You’re not an ostrich, you must fly 

And glide unto the shining light 
You have made it with patience and temperance 

This is not a time to dwell in daily trance 

2016 took away all your encumbrance

2017 is here, rise up and make a Grand Entrance 


Happy New Year to you my delightful, well cherished, awesome adorable friend. You are number one on my mind. 
I love you with the love of Christ.
Image courtesy:
© 1st January, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™

All rights reserved 



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