A land flowing with milk and honey

But many still find it hard to make money

A land where husbands call wives mummies

But wives call their hubbies, monkeys

A land where everyone has an eye for God

But follow the tradition of men; serving other gods

A land where day and night, we kneel praying to the Almighty

But, bow in reverence with hearts that are extremely dirty

A land where the rich and poor continually smile

While the weak and feeble pretend not to be fragile

A land where we are suffering and smiling

And the Lord, up above, for a lost course, is crying

A land where every day we pray that our lives be bettered

But all we get is an economy that has left us battered

A land isolated from natural disasters

But we hate and become one another’s disaster

A land where we cry, “Arise, O, compatriot!”

But we betray one another like Judas Iscariot

A land where the poor man wants to survive in this generation

But is stifled by the lack of power generation

That was my old Nigeria

I hope for a new Nigeria which shall be:

A land where other minerals are tapped

And all the unfavourable laws, reasonably scrapped

A land where jobs in my nation

Are given without an inquest into one’s tradition

A land where the rich takes the poor to the Church in his car

Without considering whether the distance is near or far

A land where, when the poor man cries

The rich helps out by buying him some fries

A land where the struggling youth is given the resources to thrive

And to a safe destination, his future, drive

A land where love is professed straight from the heart

And have the Igbos, Hausas and Yorubas lie down on the same mat

A land where its leaders stand out from other nations

And lead with good intentions; not bad notions

A land where husbands and wives live in harmony

And enjoy marriage whether or not there is money

A land where religion is the last thing on my mind

So that I go to my brother, doing him good and being kind

A land where we sincerely cry to God to direct our noble course

And save us from any generational curse.


I am a Nigerian and I am an optimistic citizen.


To read more of such powerful dedication to Nigeria, my country, get a copy of my eBook, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART ♥  and relish a good time of reading.

© 13th January, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™



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