Have you heard people talk about why we are not perfect and must not claim to be perfect?
What is perfection in the first place?

Simply, perfection is doing what you do, excellently.
A lot of people have taken imperfection to the next level in that, they have become complacent with doing, just as much.
These days, a whole lot of people, writers particularly, are now drunken in mediocrity. Writers see themselves scribbling things daily without necessarily putting in more time to doing some form of editing or finding someone who could handle the task for them.

As a writer, know that whatever you write and is up on Social Media, would stay there for time immemorial and posterity will speak of it whether it was badly or well written.
Know, also that if you don’t correct those tiny errors in your writings today, ten years later, Facebook will put it up in your face as a remembrance; by then, you’d be your own worst mocker – when you’d remember how many eyes have gleaned from your blunders.
Take the pain today; correct it now and be happy for it each other day.
Stand out from the crowd. Be yourself. Be different.
© 17th January, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™


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