I don’t have an iPad 

But I have my writing pad

I don’t go about wearing a lady’s pad

I have learnt to go around with my ID card
Daily, my mum tells me that, in me, she is proud

Because all she sees are silver linings and not dark clouds

Commends me for being me and not following the crowds

And encourages me by saying, “I know that one day, you’d make me proud!”
I’ve got the gift of writing

Giving my readers, on a daily, stuffs that they are liking

Some have invited me to come over for some mountain hiking

But I am not a fan of hiking but of biking
This gift has got me rooted

In my seat and has my bills footed

I have made plans from my writings, never to be drifted

Or from my writing goals ever be shifted
These are my words AS A WRITER… what are yours? 
© 23rd January, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™



  1. My words as a writer are these…I am so glad to know that you will never stop writing…as a fellow lover of writing, I can’t imagine ever being robbed of the joy of writing, let alone giving it up. I am so happy to “follow” you and have this connection…you are wonderful 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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