The issues of life can deal greatly with you so much that you see nothing else in sight but defeat; however, you must come to the realization of the fact that you are serving an awesome God.

I wrote a book but don’t have a platform to market it even though I have a blog. This was because, being a sub-domained blog of WordPress, there are restrictions to the level of freedom I have to make things happen on the blog. There are some add-ons or plugins I ought to have installed to make my book sales easier and hassle-free but because it is not a self-hosted blog, my wings were clipped.

Haven published two anthologies, I got down to putting finishing touches to my third book which I wrote and hid under the pillows for over three years and ten months now. While I was bent on doing it and blowing the breathe of life into it, varying thoughts kept running through my head on how to market it; by the way, what is the essence of writing a book if it will end up not gifted to humanity to consume?

I closed my eyes and told God to take control; to chart a course for me; to make a way where there was obviously none. I told Him that I needed His help. After that, I got down to doing my work; never relenting.

Then, on the 27th January, 2017, I wrote a poem on Under The Guava Tree and posted on my various Social Media platforms and I was overwhelmed by the attention it garnered and is still making waves. People all over the world are showing great admiration for it and I can neither fathom the joy that I feel inside of my heart nor explain it.

The poem brought my way, a great man by name, Mr. Francis Okafor. He is the CEO/MD at CREAMED PROJECT LIMITED owners of CREAMED AFRICAN – an organization into the promotion of African cultures, values, entertainment, tourism, and mentoring youths and the young ones at heart while creating wealth.

As if that wasn’t enough, he made me one of the admins of his online platforms and gave me the free access to showcase myself and talent as a #CreamedAfrican.

This is why I keep telling you, my dear, to keep doing the do. Never give up on what you are doing presently. Someone somewhere is silently watching you and would one day, blow you away.

Today, I have my work showcased on the site. Click the link below to read up my first post on the site.

Join me and leggo!

© 31st January, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™


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