It’s all about you

When it’s you, what else can I do?

I am just a leaf to be blown away some day

But before then, I am grateful You came my way

You are the reason I lift my voice

Amongst all other gods, I made You my choice

You have never dissapointed me once

I am the one who plays you like balls that bounce

You’ve guided me in the path that’s right

Daily, I awake to see how the sky is bright

With you, my day kicks off on a side that’s right

All these are true because you’re my shining light

What can I give in appreciation of your matchlessness

You’ve made me great; no longer worthlessness

You turned things around

That my success may be sound

You took me out of the miry clay

My life is beautiful and it’s Your image that I portray

You provided so much that I eat in a tray

Your glory, daily on me you spray

I can’t thank You enough

Victory I’ve gotten after my embattled life of scuffle

Life is gradually becoming beautiful

Despite the drive through life’s crests and troughs

You made me to be an early riser

Now, I am getting wiser

Happy Birthday to ME!


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