It was nothing else but Pizza 

He ordered some when he said to the waiter, “Please, Sir… ”

To him, was brought some Pizzas

To those by him, he requested humbly, “Join me, please, sirs!”

He sat and had a delicacy out of pizza for the umpteenth time

But, that was his only crime

The pizza in his belly asked, “Hope you had a nice time?!”

For what it was worth, he replied, “I did…; in this clime.”

“We had agreed, no more pizza,” his belly reminded 

“You can rest assured, you are dead!”

Straight to the gents

Being pressed, he went

Four to six times, he kept coming back 

This time, he was blue and black

He went down on his knees

And begged his belly, “Please…”

Promised never to do pizza again, 

He asserted, “It is to my gain!”

© 5th February, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™


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