How can I break free?!

This was the cry that the residents of Harvey Estate woke up to hear its echo resounding around every nook and cranny of the estate.

Everyone was bewildered as the voice wouldn’t stop yelling. Being a Saturday, most of the residents were indoors and were on hand to gather at a muster point to try to sought it out by following the trail of the voice.

The Voice kept shouting and questioning, “How can I break free?! The residents then shared themselves into four groups and each group headed out and diverged into four directions.

For the umpteenth time, the voice yelled and the third group, which was just right in the vicinity of the voice, pinpointed the flat where the voice came; rushed in and rounded off Murphy who had his neck stuck into a hangman’s noose attached unto a ceiling with the intent to push off the stool on which he stood.

Upon being rescued, he was queried of why he wanted to do it and what he meant by his resounding question.

Murphy, who was more exhausted than a desert Camel on expedition of the ends of the desert, could only mutter the following words, tearfully:

“How can I break free from living the life of an introvert?! I am tired of being alone when the real world enjoys a life out of extroversion! I am tired of being found in my own space! I am tired of this life of aloneness! I am tired, I am tired, I am tired!” He concluded but kept on crying.

Meanwhile, while he yet spoke, the leader of the group reached out to the other groups and called them in. To this effect, there was a large congregation of almost all the residents of the estate at the doorstep of Murphy.

On the first group was Ms. Amanda who happened to be a psychologist. She counseled Murphy with the following words, cheerfully:

“Murphy, introversion is a good way to live. Like extroversion which your soul craves for, introversion is also a way of life. You see, introversion is not a death sentence and killing yourself was never the solution to the issue.

“I would advice you, my dear, to find time to communicate with your friends via phone since going out is an issue for you; that way, you won’t feel anymore lonely. When it feels like the silence is killing, you can put a call through to your buddies to come around or you could just take a walk down the park and have for yourself, some sight seeing.

“Going to the cinemas to watch some humorous movies and have some good laughs would greatly help. Besides all these, show yourself some self love. You have to enjoy your own company and must be intentional about it. So, that is how you can break free, Murphy!” She said in mimicry of Murphy to the amusement of all.

Murphy appreciated them for coming as they dispersed to their different houses but engaged Ms. Amanda in a serious chat and wouldn’t want to let her go.

Image courtesy:

© Noel’s Pen™


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