I gave you bites of my book’s contents free

I went ahead and coupled a book which wasn’t free

I published it like we all agreed

The book is out and now, I feel freed
Being Father Christmas, 

I gave out copies after New Year’s Mass

You liked it and promised to buy en mass

But now, you just read and swiftly passed
It is clear that you delight in awoof

It’s time to buy but you are aloof


You cannot buy my book whole
Awoof it is said, “dey run belle” 

I’d thought you’d dance with me, ballet

You give excuses of the economic recession 

I pray that your lack won’t be a progression 
I have left my comfort zone
Now, I’m heading to Amazon

That is the world’s drop zone

Not here, where everywhere feels like Military Zone



* ‘Awoof’ = Freebies

* ‘Dey run belle’ = Causes dysentery 

Get your copies of my twin anthologies, HEARTFELT RHYMES AND RHYTHMS, & STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART ♥. Contact me via and let’s transact biz via e-transaction. Excuses aren’t accepted. 
© 11th February, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™

All rights reserved


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