BONNIE AND CLYDE (the proposal) 

As a discovered man,
I need a woman

Who has feelings for a grown man

Ready to be called, “My Woman!”

One to help alleviate my stress

Ready to be my seamstress

Sew me new and lovely dress

Daily, she’d be like my new winepress (bringing out the best in me)


I want to be your knight in shining armour
Spoil you with words and celestial glamour

Put smiles on your face with selected words of humour

Which can heal you of any tumour

Take you to the beach, Kuramo

Buy your choice car, Murano

I promise never to take you to Kano

Just for us two, we could buy a yacht or a small canoe

You’d be the mother of my unborn child

We would be the newest Bonnie and Clyde

Take each other to and from Cloud Nine

Let’s make this utopia yours and mine

Where is my Bonnie?


Dear Bonnie, what other words do you want to hear from the sincere mouth of Clyde? 

At this point, if he goes on his knees and begs you, “Please, will you….”, would you be kind to say, “Yes!”?

If he has waited this long, give him a chance.

It’s Valentine’s Season, give of your true love. 


Images courtesy of Google Images 

13th February, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™

Copyright protected. All rights reserved. 


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