Why do men give flowers as a sign of LOVE? It’s because flowers contain the true essence of love. When flowers are plucked from their source, they’re observed to gradually fade away and eventually dry up. 
Likewise, when you love someone, love them with the knowledge that love fades away with time. 
My advice:
Don’t love for beauty, money, handsomeness, or any other tangible material or physical features but love for something that remains true even after love has faded; love for the essence and purpose of the existence of him/ her. 
Love because God is love. 
But know that, 
Love mustn’t be caged in a day

Show love every other day

It’s the only way

God’s way. 

Happy Val’s Day, delightful friends. I love y’all with the love of Christ. 

Copyright © 14th February, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™

All rights reserved. 


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