‘My unreserved gratitude goes out to ______ and family for the encouragement supplied and the confidence reposed in me which has led me to realize that, “man is God to man”. I must say that the Almighty has used your support (anticipated) both financially and spiritually to change a world of lives today.’

This one wasn’t worthy of these words. My time was just being killed and my IQ was being used in the wrong place. I would have been rendered useless while being busy basking in the euphoria of someone to be helped. 
Na who empty promises Epp?!

“Never make a promise or pledge what you can’t fulfill on the long run.”

Prayer point:
Pray that God miraculously remove from your life every destiny wasters and time killers who would promise you heaven and earth just so that they take a bite of the Grace upon your life with the intent to kill your light. 
Pray also for the Spirit of awareness and alertness. 
#This_is_a_serious_matter. Don’t take it lightly. 
In life, you’re better off without some people. You’d go places and make waves if only you’d be true to yourself and believe in you. 

Noel’s Pen™


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