Edward looked at Ella’s lips with a heartfelt intent

Then, slipped into a heartfelt thought: “O, if I could place on those lips some kisses,

I would be content!”

But remembering her life, brought to his memory how, like a snake, her mouth is filled with hisses

In his head, he had sweet fantacies

And within a sec, spelt out his own prophecies

About what feelings he’d have with his lips on hers

And imagined where he’d do it; in the room or one of his cars?

She is his charming Delilah

She’s got lips filled with truth and per second lies

On a first sight, she filled his belly with butterflies

But now, he’s filled with surprises as his mouth goes gape in awww and aaahhh!

His head keeps spinning

And swinging

From side to side

Because he doesn’t know what more to do; to send her away or take her again to the sea side?


Edward is a young man who has fallen in love at first sight due to the facade put on by Ella to be well behaved but he is presently dumbfounded by her lack of character and good manners. 

Right now, he is in a world of indecision; either to send her away or continue to shower her with love, haven been engaged to each other. 

Please, he needs your candid advice on what right decision to make. Help him decide.
Your suggestions are highly welcomed, friends.

Image courtesy, WikiHow

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