There they were, lined up in the form of delinquents awaiting prosecution. They were lined up with hopeful faces waiting for their buses to come through.

“For a certainty, the buses will definitely come,” were the words I saw written all around their faces.

Some smiled as they waited while others put up a disconcerted face – probably because they were behind schedule or overwhelmed by the issues of life.

As I watched some of them with a heart full of pity, an inner voice spoke and asked me, “What if the buses never come?” And this took my mind to another question, “What if tomorrow never comes?”

Have you sat back to ask yourself such questions as, “What if tomorrow never comes?” “What if today is the last day I’ve got on earth?”

What do you think? Will the life you’re living today enliven the joy in you that you’d see God?

It’s a clarion call, dear friend. Today is your surest day for repentance and getting in good rapport with your Maker.

Let Him in.

Good morning, friend.

Remember that you were made of more and for more.

I am yours truly,

Noel O. Louis



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