Who is like unto thee, woman? 
Amongst all creation, thou wast made the stronger human

Thou hast skills like The Creator

Because like God, thou art a procreator
Clay and bone which is stronger? 

Thou lookest down on thyself whenever thou art termed, ‘weaker vessel’

That is the pride of the man and that puts him in danger

Thou art the work of God’s hands; He crafted thee to have both physical and inner muscle
Why engagest thou with the man in power tussle? 

He was built to have bigger torso 

But God made thee to be stronger both physiologically and emotionally

Thou art stronger with the tears that gushes out physically
Arise, O, thou woman!

Believe in thyself and thy strength 

Thou art of a stronger clan

If thou canst believe, thou shalt go all the length
Happy #International_Womens_Day #TheCivilizedWriter #A_Woman_of_Substance
Copyright © 8th March, 2017 by Noel’s Pen


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