It is with heartfelt praise and thanksgiving that I lift up my hands unto Heaven to say, “Thank You, Baba for seeing me through a complete year of blogging and impacting my world positively with the right words you keep inundating my heart. I appreciate you and I am optimistic of the future and where You are taking me in no distant time.”

I use this medium to also appreciate you, my delightful readers, friends and you who have followed me bumper to bumper reading my posts, dropping your likes and commenting appropriately. You are now my family and i say, “Thank you” for standing by me this past year. 

You are all lovely and I am humbled by your love. Thanks for being there for me.

Please, let’s make another history as we proceed from here onward. Join me and let’s be an addition to the Wonders of the World.


Happy #Blogging_Anniversary to me, #TheCivilizedWriter


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