JUVENILE DELINQUENCY – making corrections to Youthful Exuberance –

Dear youth, 

I am a youth like you and this is my pen

With which I scribble my pain

On paper, whether coloured or plain

With it also, I have awoken hearts that were slain

My pen breathes heartfelt words not fire.

Words are crafted, welded and wielded with my pen not plier,

My words go round the world without printing a flier;

Who said you can’t be a high flyer?

Never be talked down.

When you frown,

You look like a clown

And in this, your life may drown

Remember the greatness you were made of

Don’t get too addicted to drinking Smirnoff 

Stop the alcohol and your intake of snuff

Take a deep breath; now breathe out the ones you have sniffed


Juvenile delinquents are everywhere in our society and the world gets the full impact of this by the increasing crime rates. 

The rate at which terrorism has become the beginning of wisdom, makes our state as a people, a dreadful and pitiable one. 

Dear, you were created to show forth God’s praise and not to perpetrate heinous acts. 

Desist from such ways and live in happiness

Living in God’s fullness

Who has made you in His own likeness

I beg you again, do away with the looseness

Copyright © 2017 by Noel’s Pen


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