When I embarked on the journey of #Writing, I never imagined that it would take this long before my works would make it to the pages of magazines.

But I kept at what I know how to do best – writing. I had nights that were barren of sleep. I had aches and eyes that were starting to darken for the deprivation of what they usually relish at such hours you considered ungodly which they adore and anticipate daily.

Somewhere, at the front of my mind (the mind’s back has been overrated), I kept hearing the voice to #JustTake… one more step to glory; one more step to fulfilment; one more step to essence; one more step to living in purpose.

It was so bad I got to the brink of giving up; the point of throwing in my soaked towel – I got to the edge.

I almost fell off the ledge

But God’s hedge

Kept and supported me like a wedge 

Today, after all is said and done, I have my work published in hard copy and the joy of having my abstracts in concrete format, touching what existed as an idea in print elates and elevates my soul.

My work has now graced the pages of a Magazine and Blogazines (online magazines). The name of the Lord be praised.

Find my works on the following media:


The King’s Herald (a publication of The Redeemed Christian Church of God,  The King’s Court); March Edition – Volume 15, No 2, page 15

Grab your copy, now!


The Inspired Magazine (a blogazine) –


And a whole lot more at,

© March 2017, by Noel’s Pen


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