For communication to go smoothly and with courtesy in a group, learn the following:

  • Greet members before dropping a comment or making any post. Doing this after isn’t altogether bad (but not  encouraged – it may look like a sign of disrespect) as it could skip your mind but make sure to say a word of greeting before leaving.
  • Call members by their names when making a comment. This can be achieved by using the ‘@’ sign before the name or by simply mentioning the name (depending on the platform you’re on).
  • Don’t be a gatecrasher. Gatecrashers jump into conversations without being invited and without getting a full gist of what the topic in discourse is about.
  • Don’t be a nuisance. You can be a nuisance by your incessant comments and chats. Sometimes, silence is encouraged but not to completely stay silent like a ghost member. This is also not encouraged as you could be evicted by the admin.
  • Learn to use the Emoji. Emojis are the visual representation of emotions. Some people call them ‘smileys‘ and they are available in all phones and chat apps for use as a means of expression. All the emojis have a particular expression they portray so, using them to express yourself most times, saves your face from coming at people as a nuisance. However, incessant usage is also frowned at as a bad habit.
  • Being a member of a group demands maturity which results in decorum. If you’re new in a group, learn to first observe how things are done before speaking out in order not to appear to be a riffraff.

I hope you find usefulness for this?

Have a great day ahead.

I am yours truly,

Noel O. Louis


Poet and Author


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