Slapped by a dumb – your life will never remain the same again.

I gained admission to study sciences but I had to begin from Junior Secondary one. The thought of being a scientist someday was the driving force for all the burning of night candles and studying hard. 

Coming from a Primary School where I had been celebrated as a genius, I found secondary school a little challenging because other geniuses came to party too. 
So, as a telecommunication company would say, “glo with pride,” I glowed with pride and was uptight for the major part of school days. Whenever I walked by, everyone turned to take a second look because of the news all around school of my intelligence.
The girls fought one another just to have me; some of them went to the extent of buying me lunch but none of them measured up to or tickled my fancy as the one I was secretly admiring and wishing she would be mine. While she was busy with her studies, I was worked up with fantasies.
One day after school, I walked up to her and told her of my #intentions towards her. She shoved me aside, so, I pestered her. She kept mute all the while; only a few times she pointed her finger at me and gave a warning sign but I didn’t take it serious.
I had a clique of mischievous😃 friends who didn’t care to tell me that the girl was dumb. I felt her silence was a sign that she was of the shy type of girls who don’t like to talk too much.
For the umpteenth time, I pestered and this time she had had enough of my pestering; before I could say another word, I heard a sound like that of the engines of a rocket zooming through the skies. The next thing I can remember was that I laid on the floor and some guys were busy pouring water on me while others were blowing breeze at me.
From that day, the art of wooing turned into having #agape love for that is the love that God prefers.
#AWOS #Fiction


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