The Brown Little Pigeon 

“Why are you limping?” I asked the little brown pigeon.

“My foot aches, excruciatingly,” the brown pigeon replied.

“What happened to you?” I enquired further.

“It is not my fault

That I’m hurt

We live in a hut

At night, it’s usually hot

One day, I accidentally dipped my foot into my mother’s soup pot

In there was the well garnished meal of corn

My mother saw me and thought I wanted to steal from the soup pot

She called out to my dad and he brought a catapault 

Aimed at my foot and released a sling from the catapault

It hit me hard that I found myself at the sea port

A friend of mine rubbed some balm on the spot

I felt relieved and headed back to our home, adjacent the tennis court

The next day, I went to the jury at the court

To lodge complaint of how I was mistreated

I narrated the event to my lawyer; when the Judge settled in, I reiterated

Then, I discovered that the he was conceited

So, I flew away far into the skies

Where no other bird plies

I was there for two days before I remembered I was a Pigeon

Looking down from that height, I saw my origin

But I realised that if I could fly this high

Then, I was the one limiting myself from flying so high

Now, I weep for my mother and father’s lips that have been lying

Clearly, now I see and know that I was built for high flying!”

After it had said this much, I checked again and found out that it was a Pigeon indeed

But its words were all I dearly needed to reiterate to me that I, __________, (input your name in the comment box) am a high flyer and I am #UNLIMITED

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