Tears of the fatherless – Noel’s Pain –

He left me taking left and right turns

He once relished the fresh pears and roasted corns

Cuddled me so I don’t dash my feet against a thorn

I can still remember the sound of my siblings’ mourn
I also remember how manly you were

The contagious smiles you wore

How your teeth went through tear and wear

And the victories and defeats of your health war
You were and are still my hero

I couldn’t cry much for I realised it was ‘ihe Chi choro’

I can also remember you were my one and only ‘Baba mi’

The major pain is how you left my mummy
My childish memories of you still fill my tummy with butterflies

Would remain this way till my time here also fades and dries

It’s sad our time I can’t regain

What hurts more was when you said you won’t return again
Happy Father’s Day, Dear Papa… Posthumously!


‘Ihe Chi choro’ = Igbo translation of ‘God’s wish’

‘Baba mi’ = Yoruba translation of ‘My father’
Copyright © June 18th, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™



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