The Rape – a short story –

Felix met Cathy by the river’s shore

She had come for a carnival show

Her father worked at a rig, offshore

She was a lover"Hip Hip Hurrah!" Artists' Party at Skagen, 1888 of all-night shows


Right there at the river bank,


She met so many friends, including Paul Tank

Whom she couldn’t stop to thank

For rescuing her from the deep end of the river where others have sank


She was the daughter of a lovely mother

From a family of five sibling

Four sisters and one brother

On the night, she was set up for a rape without an inkling


While she was happily enjoying her evening and wishing it won’t end in a one-night stand,

Paul Tank stood mischievously beside her by the beer stand

Fed her with liquor to stupor

Then, took her to the inn in the company of Kelly and Tukor



Ladies, beware of who renders help to you; not every man is a gentleman.



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