The other day, I used some rubber bands to fasten something that required to be held in place and went away. Within a brief moment, the kids went to find the rubber bands and took them off from their place and used them for their play. When I got back, I couldn’t find the rubber bands.

Luckily, I saw the kids within the scene so I enquired to know who removed them from their place and the response I got from them was extremely scrambled which left me confused. None of them pointed any finger of guilt at the other; they all protected the interest of one another.

So, how did I handle the issue?

This was what I did…

I got more rubber bands and used them for the purpose I had needed them. This time, I used them in the presence of the kids and called their attention to it and urged them to be the watchers over the rubber bands and to report whosoever tampered with them. Subsequently, they pledged their allegiance to do as I had bidden them.

Now, what is the essence for me to share this with you? You may ask!

Well, here is why…

Do you know that since that day, those rubber bands are still in the position I have left them; even when I went out and returned, I still find them there?


To be assured of security, entrust into the hands of those who are susceptible to a particular type of lifestyle, the charge of taking care of what they are capable of destroying or perpetrating in and they will never indulge in such anymore.

What am I trying to say?

Take a look at Lagos State, Nigeria…

Do you realise that the rate of vandalisation in the society has drastically reduced and people now live happier lives while government facilities are better protected than was the case some years back?

Have you ever thought why?

This was because the government of Raji Fashola saw the light of such a lesson and realised that if the touts who were vandalisation-happy could be appointed into positions to take care of the environment, they would be better managers; consequently, he took that route and made sure that those who were once considered riff-raffs took to the maintenance of the parks, gardens and most other facilities.

What is the result today? A cleaner Lagos, a less chaotic motor parks, well-kept gardens, relaxing parks and recreational centres.

To this end, to have a crime free society, let the convicted criminals who have served their terms, handle criminal affairs and the rate of crime will drastically be put in check because a criminal will always think like a criminal and hence, act preemptively.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from this one?

Remember that you were made of more and for more.

Noel O. Louis


Editor and Author


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