By Arowolo Jamiu



A dream of promising harmonies

Promoting rest and relief

Without resentment and anxiety

In pages of memorable moments.


Hopes are dashed and hang in silence

Without dreams of peace

In vehicles of memory

Heavy with purity

In the sadness of broken monody.


Yearning for Peace:

A feeling deeper than the night,

Replete with healing whispers

In pages of professed prophecies

And daily, duly rituals

With songs rooting us in union.


A quest

In a labyrinth of dreams and intimations,

For times upon times, we seek peace.


Poet’s Profile:

Arowolo Jamiu is a young, talented and deserving bard. Born in the early 80’s in Ibadan, one of Western States of Nigeria but resides in Lagos. He has developed a remarkable personality by dint of personal tuitions in his poems. Some of his breath-taking poems appeared on 27th April 2017 in the anthology, “LET THE PEN SPEAK FOR PEACE”: A POETRY FOR PEACE FIRST ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY.

He is a Poet to watch…


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