As a writer and one who is a great weaver of words to tell stories on a daily, you are in a state of enthusiasm when you realise what impact your story or post will have on the readers.

To this end, your fingers end up typing faster than your brain is detecting the words to them so that the activities of your brain and fingers aren’t in sync. That leaves you with a plethora of avoidable errors which will be irritating to the reader.


What is the solution to such an occurrence?


When you have written a powerful article, as far as they are written words, do not be in a haste to press the “Post” or “Publish” button.

Take some time out; like a sizzling hot freshly cooked food, allow the written words to cool off for a while. This is to allow the burst of ecstasy and enthusiasm of your happy hormones to relax. This also gifts the brain an opportunity to be calmed and more focused.

After awhile, return to the article; this time, with keen eyes and relaxed brain, go through your work and you’d be amazed at the number of errors you will correct.

Now, this principle works just like the principle of handling wealth.

Have you ever received a gift in monetary terms? The answer is obvious.

Ever noticed how you squandered it before you could say #TheCivilizedWriter?

In like manner, ever noticed how you were more articulate in how to spend that same amount of money when you left it for a while to cool off – say in the bank?

This is why even God, being all-knowing stated in His word,

“When you set your eyes on wealth, it is [suddenly] gone. For wealth certainly, makes itself wings Like an eagle that flies to the heavens.”

My advice:

Always give time to your written piece; return to it and make corrections before you hit the “Post” or “Publish” button. However, if you think it is a herculean task, then involve the services of an editor.

Thanks for your time of reading this piece. I trust you squeezed out the juice in it?

Remember that you were made of more and for more.

Noel O. Louis
Editor and Author


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