CHIKITITA IN LOVE – finally she finds true love

Chikitita & Monroe


“Take a look at the night sky!”

Chikitita said, so sly

Blushing and shy 

“I wish I could fly!”


“Hold my hand,” Monroe said with a smile

“I will take you to and from cloud nine 

Do anything for you as long as you’re mine

I promise to go the whole 1,000 mile”


Chikitita blushed again and looked into his face

This time, with a soul-searching gaze

She felt horny to say the phrase

“I love you!” Her mouth said while her heart raced


“Put your heart where your mouth is,” Monroe whispered into her ears

“I will allay all your fears

Wipe away all your tears

I have chosen you amongst all your peers.”


Love is a beautiful phenomenal experience especially when you find the right one. 


©29 July, 2017 by Noel’s Pen

All rights reserved 


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