Come the 20th November, 2017 A Woman of Substance shall be unveiled and begin sales on Amazon.  

Book Description

A Woman of Substance is a manual that paints a picture of who a woman should be in every jot and tittle. Just like the title, it teaches the substance with which every woman should be made of while on this side of eternity. It dissects the characteristics of the woman and teaches her how to live in deference to her Lord and Saviour and how to be a perfect mother to her household. 

It cuts across all generation and geographical locations and applies to the woman of all calibre: single, married, young and aged. Nonetheless, it is a book that is read by not just the woman but everyone. It brings its readers to appreciate the role of the woman in nation-building.

How to get your copy:

Selling Price: 500 Naira/ 1.4 US $

Pre-order : 250 Naira/ 0.7 US $

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“Time elapses; 

beauty fades

but a woman that

submits to God 

and her husband 

remains beautiful,