Author of the month

Do you know the feeling you have upon arriving safely? 
That is the type of feeling I have for being named the *#author* of the month of September.
You have no excuse! Go in the direction of your dream, set that goal; take that step and watch the transformation that’ll ensue. 
Thank you for being a loyal reader of my writing, dear friend. I love you dearly. 
God bless you for helping me achieve this feat. 

I promise to be firm on my feet.

Won’t fail you while up from six feet

With you by my side, I will be eternally fit. 

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CHIKITITA IN LOVE – finally she finds true love

Chikitita & Monroe


“Take a look at the night sky!”

Chikitita said, so sly

Blushing and shy 

“I wish I could fly!”


“Hold my hand,” Monroe said with a smile

“I will take you to and from cloud nine 

Do anything for you as long as you’re mine

I promise to go the whole 1,000 mile”


Chikitita blushed again and looked into his face

This time, with a soul-searching gaze

She felt horny to say the phrase

“I love you!” Her mouth said while her heart raced


“Put your heart where your mouth is,” Monroe whispered into her ears

“I will allay all your fears

Wipe away all your tears

I have chosen you amongst all your peers.”


Love is a beautiful phenomenal experience especially when you find the right one. 


©29 July, 2017 by Noel’s Pen

All rights reserved 


Like Jacob and Esau, 

I am Jacob
Esau was the hairy one

I am Jacob
Jacob was the hairless one

I am Jacob 
Got countable hairs as beard

I am Jacob
Younger brother’s got hair in abundance 

I am Jacob 
Chose to stay away from the club

I am Jacob
Decided to stay chaste as a youth

I am Jacob
Was told there wasn’t any use in playing chaste, “Enjoy life, know that you’ve got one life to live.”

I am Jacob
Ran away from such friends 

I am Jacob
Now, I am in my own world

I am Jacob
Is it a crime to be a Jacob? 
© Noel’s Pen™



As a writer and one who is a great weaver of words to tell stories on a daily, you are in a state of enthusiasm when you realise what impact your story or post will have on the readers.

To this end, your fingers end up typing faster than your brain is detecting the words to them so that the activities of your brain and fingers aren’t in sync. That leaves you with a plethora of avoidable errors which will be irritating to the reader.


What is the solution to such an occurrence?


When you have written a powerful article, as far as they are written words, do not be in a haste to press the “Post” or “Publish” button.

Take some time out; like a sizzling hot freshly cooked food, allow the written words to cool off for a while. This is to allow the burst of ecstasy and enthusiasm of your happy hormones to relax. This also gifts the brain an opportunity to be calmed and more focused.

After awhile, return to the article; this time, with keen eyes and relaxed brain, go through your work and you’d be amazed at the number of errors you will correct.

Now, this principle works just like the principle of handling wealth.

Have you ever received a gift in monetary terms? The answer is obvious.

Ever noticed how you squandered it before you could say #TheCivilizedWriter?

In like manner, ever noticed how you were more articulate in how to spend that same amount of money when you left it for a while to cool off – say in the bank?

This is why even God, being all-knowing stated in His word,

“When you set your eyes on wealth, it is [suddenly] gone. For wealth certainly, makes itself wings Like an eagle that flies to the heavens.”

My advice:

Always give time to your written piece; return to it and make corrections before you hit the “Post” or “Publish” button. However, if you think it is a herculean task, then involve the services of an editor.

Thanks for your time of reading this piece. I trust you squeezed out the juice in it?

Remember that you were made of more and for more.

Noel O. Louis
Editor and Author


By Arowolo Jamiu



A dream of promising harmonies

Promoting rest and relief

Without resentment and anxiety

In pages of memorable moments.


Hopes are dashed and hang in silence

Without dreams of peace

In vehicles of memory

Heavy with purity

In the sadness of broken monody.


Yearning for Peace:

A feeling deeper than the night,

Replete with healing whispers

In pages of professed prophecies

And daily, duly rituals

With songs rooting us in union.


A quest

In a labyrinth of dreams and intimations,

For times upon times, we seek peace.


Poet’s Profile:

Arowolo Jamiu is a young, talented and deserving bard. Born in the early 80’s in Ibadan, one of Western States of Nigeria but resides in Lagos. He has developed a remarkable personality by dint of personal tuitions in his poems. Some of his breath-taking poems appeared on 27th April 2017 in the anthology, “LET THE PEN SPEAK FOR PEACE”: A POETRY FOR PEACE FIRST ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY.

He is a Poet to watch…


The other day, I used some rubber bands to fasten something that required to be held in place and went away. Within a brief moment, the kids went to find the rubber bands and took them off from their place and used them for their play. When I got back, I couldn’t find the rubber bands.

Luckily, I saw the kids within the scene so I enquired to know who removed them from their place and the response I got from them was extremely scrambled which left me confused. None of them pointed any finger of guilt at the other; they all protected the interest of one another.

So, how did I handle the issue?

This was what I did…

I got more rubber bands and used them for the purpose I had needed them. This time, I used them in the presence of the kids and called their attention to it and urged them to be the watchers over the rubber bands and to report whosoever tampered with them. Subsequently, they pledged their allegiance to do as I had bidden them.

Now, what is the essence for me to share this with you? You may ask!

Well, here is why…

Do you know that since that day, those rubber bands are still in the position I have left them; even when I went out and returned, I still find them there?


To be assured of security, entrust into the hands of those who are susceptible to a particular type of lifestyle, the charge of taking care of what they are capable of destroying or perpetrating in and they will never indulge in such anymore.

What am I trying to say?

Take a look at Lagos State, Nigeria…

Do you realise that the rate of vandalisation in the society has drastically reduced and people now live happier lives while government facilities are better protected than was the case some years back?

Have you ever thought why?

This was because the government of Raji Fashola saw the light of such a lesson and realised that if the touts who were vandalisation-happy could be appointed into positions to take care of the environment, they would be better managers; consequently, he took that route and made sure that those who were once considered riff-raffs took to the maintenance of the parks, gardens and most other facilities.

What is the result today? A cleaner Lagos, a less chaotic motor parks, well-kept gardens, relaxing parks and recreational centres.

To this end, to have a crime free society, let the convicted criminals who have served their terms, handle criminal affairs and the rate of crime will drastically be put in check because a criminal will always think like a criminal and hence, act preemptively.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from this one?

Remember that you were made of more and for more.

Noel O. Louis


Editor and Author

The Rape – a short story –

Felix met Cathy by the river’s shore

She had come for a carnival show

Her father worked at a rig, offshore

She was a lover"Hip Hip Hurrah!" Artists' Party at Skagen, 1888 of all-night shows


Right there at the river bank,


She met so many friends, including Paul Tank

Whom she couldn’t stop to thank

For rescuing her from the deep end of the river where others have sank


She was the daughter of a lovely mother

From a family of five sibling

Four sisters and one brother

On the night, she was set up for a rape without an inkling


While she was happily enjoying her evening and wishing it won’t end in a one-night stand,

Paul Tank stood mischievously beside her by the beer stand

Fed her with liquor to stupor

Then, took her to the inn in the company of Kelly and Tukor



Ladies, beware of who renders help to you; not every man is a gentleman.


Tears of the fatherless – Noel’s Pain –

He left me taking left and right turns

He once relished the fresh pears and roasted corns

Cuddled me so I don’t dash my feet against a thorn

I can still remember the sound of my siblings’ mourn
I also remember how manly you were

The contagious smiles you wore

How your teeth went through tear and wear

And the victories and defeats of your health war
You were and are still my hero

I couldn’t cry much for I realised it was ‘ihe Chi choro’

I can also remember you were my one and only ‘Baba mi’

The major pain is how you left my mummy
My childish memories of you still fill my tummy with butterflies

Would remain this way till my time here also fades and dries

It’s sad our time I can’t regain

What hurts more was when you said you won’t return again
Happy Father’s Day, Dear Papa… Posthumously!


‘Ihe Chi choro’ = Igbo translation of ‘God’s wish’

‘Baba mi’ = Yoruba translation of ‘My father’
Copyright © June 18th, 2017 by Noel’s Pen™

Table for Two

She is the sunset of my evening

The joy of my youthful yearnings

She brings sunshine to my lonely days

I never knew she puts me first on her to do lists
A day never ends without her in my thoughts 

She came to do me good

While I loved her more for knowing the way to my heart

She opened herself up and let me in

To her heart where I found a soft spot

Softer than dried wool

A space well arranged in wait for the right one

Was found there 
A lush garden, well scented and tender

Then I asked, “What shall I render?”

She held me tight

Never to let go
She has got something special in her heart and she said it’s just for us two

She asked me to search to find out what

I ransacked her heart and found…

Just a table for two.
She is the woman of my dreams.