The Dream And Goal Concept

A dream is likened unto a seed; it is planted when you have one. A goal is likened unto the taproot of the plant; it holds steadfastly unto the dream, in focus.
Your busy-ness (i.e. bustling and hustling) en route realizing the dream, guided by your goal, is likened unto the manure that nourishes the planted seed.
While your success at realizing and attaining the dream and goal is likened unto a good harvest of the seed.
The seed is your dream

Hey, you! Are you busy seated there thinking all is lost because your friends and mates whom you started life’s journey with have left you behind to achieve greatness? 
This is a wakeup call not to give up on yourself, your time and God. Every runner in a race comes in at their own time. 
Yesterday is gone; today is another day to go strongly in the direction of your dreams and goals.